Photo and design by Alexey Murashko

From Gas to Solid is the first compilation of photographer Aija Pole’s works in a book edited by the author herself and the graphic designer Aleksey Murashko. Aija’s interest in self-portraits as a prism through which the author shows her subjective reactions to social and urban phenomena and events reveals itself in the photographs taken over the last four years.

Stories Editorial November 28, 2023

Aija Pole is a Latvian photographer, born in Saldus, who lives and works in Berlin. Although Aija describes herself as self-taught, she has honed her skills during master classes with the German portrait photographer Sybille Fendt, the German multi-artist Boris Eldagsen, the Danish photographer Joakim Eskildsen, and at the Ostkreuz School for Photography (Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie) in Berlin. Aija’s works have been exhibited in Berlin, Luxembourg, Rotterdam, Pärnu, and Riga.


The publication resembles a visual diary in which the author records the role of her personal feelings in the context of today’s society. Aija’s method is self-portraits and visual performances, which allow her to delve into her thoughts, ideas, theories, and territories without delay or self-censorship. Aija takes photos with a mobile phone camera as notes on her interaction with the world: «This is a personal self-trial-and-error practice over the period from 2019 to 2023, while appearing in front of my phone camera.»

The graphic design by Alexey Murashko captures the sharpness and directness of the photographs in a minimalist yet visually loud publication. The opening of Aija Pole’s debut photobook From Gas to Solid will take place on Thursday, November 30, at 19.00 at the bar Čē, introducing the fans of contemporary photography to the still little-known but intriguing Latvian artist. The publisher of the book is Ownpet Publishing, it was printed at the Jelgava printing house in a limited run of 300 copies. The photo book will be available for purchase at the opening event.