Photo by Alvis Rozenbergs

The team of Kirson Design Group has completed the interior design work for the historical Daile Theatre café. The new interior integrates 20th-century design principles as well as creative contemporary elements.

Stories Editorial December 5, 2023

Daile Theatre was designed by the architect Marta Staņa, following the modernist tradition. In recent years, there has been a lot of change at the theatre: in 2020, a new creative lead with Viesturs Kairišs becoming director, the reconstruction project of the theatre square was this year’s winner of the Latvian Architecture Award, and the reconstruction of the small and rehearsal halls designed by Sudraba Arhitektūra will commence shortly. Furthermore, the theatre café Kase has just been given a makeover by Kirson Design Group. Previously, the team has also designed interiors for the restaurants Koya and Herbārijs, as well as the food hall Burzma at the shopping centre Galerija Centrs.


The aesthetics of Kase treat the modernist heritage with respect, simultaneously implementing bold and contemporary elements. «All the elements create a mixture of feelings with visual and emotional references to the past while embodying a light and modern atmosphere,» comments Evija Ķirsone-Slavinska, the lead designer of the project.

The new café interior retains the original stone floors and the spectacular walnut wall veneer characteristic of the modernist era that are reflected by the antiqued mirror ceiling panels. The nostalgic elements are complemented by modern components such as the grid motif seen throughout the entire interior, clever lighting solutions, plastic curtains, and the central element, a curved tableau that displays the names of the plays, quotes, and other phrases from the theatre world.


Café Kase is located in the Daile Theatre on Brīvības iela 75, Riga. It welcomes not only theatre visitors but is open to anyone every afternoon except for Mondays.