Photo by Kaspars Poriņš

The Luula multi-sensory table, which encourages children from two to ten years of age to play, create, and learn, has just won the German Design Award in the Baby and Child Care Product Design category. The jury appreciated both the table’s thoughtful functionality and its timeless design.

Stories Editorial December 18, 2023

The Luula workbench is designed to follow the fundamental principles of Montessori pedagogy and provide a safe, ergonomic, fun, and attractive environment that encourages children to develop through play that engages different senses. A paper roll, a black chalkboard, and a transparent plexiglass board, a closable container for small items or books and niches for pencils, as well as a compartment to hold a water container so that it does not tip over when the creative process is in full swing — all this is easily accessible and suited to the physiological needs of children, encouraging them to plan their activities independently. The desk is made of plywood and is adjustable in height, so it will be comfortable for children until they can start sitting at an adult-sized desk.

The author of the table design is Inga Sokolova, a certified product designer and a master’s graduate in development psychology, as well as a mother of three. The project was created in collaboration with Montessori educator Iveta Pumpiņa. The Luula multisensory table has received praise not only from children and parents but also from educators. The table is suitable for educational institutions and children with special needs, including autism spectrum disorders and Down syndrome.


Inga is pleased to have won the German Design Award: «The honour of receiving an award in the field of architecture and design is not only a recognition of achievement; it also has a direct impact on the commercial success of the company. The German Design Award is only given for particularly innovative efforts in design. The competition usually receives thousands of entries from different countries and organisations, so it was a great honour and a source of pride to be invited by the organisers to apply for the award.»


For more information about the multi-sensory table, visit the Luula website.