Animation by Katrīna Sadovņikova

The lingerie brand Flash You and Me celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The co-founder and designer of the company, Līva Šteina, is also a photographer, so photos play an important role in the brand’s communication. To mark the anniversary, Flash You and Me has published a book of images from the brand’s photo shoots. In the Nice Touch section, Līva shares the advice she gives to her clients.

Nice Touch Editorial December 15, 2023

«Although we mostly export our products, we are happy to host clients in the Flash You and Me studio. Often, my clients have a hard time choosing products, so I suggest trying on as many different sets as possible and taking selfies. That way, you can see yourself from a different angle and compare which set looks better. Plus, it’s fun! Sometimes we even have a little virtual party with photos being sent to friends for voting. Trying on underwear can also be quite nerve-wracking, so my motto in these situations is: «When in doubt, try it!»»

Flash You and Me was founded in 2013, and its products are made on demand in a studio in the centre of Riga, using high-quality European materials. Flash You and Me is a family business with a small team, but the brand has an international scope — its underwear is available in stores all over the world. You can follow the brand’s news not only on Flash You and Me’s website but also on its Instagram account, where photos taken by Līva Šteina and customers are regularly posted.