Animation by Katrīna Sadovņikova

In her work, Zane Priede combines photography and design to create a visually expressive world on any scale, be it product photography or set design. Zane has received international recognition for her work, and this year she was also featured on the European photography platform Futures. In the Nice Touch section, Zane shares what she needs for her creative process.

Nice Touch Editorial December 1, 2023

«Space is the most important part of my work process. A space that you want to be in, that is open and bright, that has its own order, a space where you want to straighten your back, roll up your sleeves, and get to work. I am very happy that over the last two years, together with my friend Diane Payton, I have been able to create such a place, the Per Form space on Vagonu Street.

Working with still life has its own specifics. In order to work, I have to put as many materials and objects on tables as possible so that I can compose them. When the objects start to communicate with each other and complement each other, the best ideas emerge. Big tables are important for this process, which requires a lot of space, and the equipment in the photography studio also requires quite a lot of room.»

Per Form serves not only as a studio for Zane Priede and Diana Payton but also as an event venue and creative centre. Follow what’s happening there on the Per Form Instagram profile. And you can follow Zane’s work on her website and Instagram account. Last month, the streets of Riga featured Zane’s food photography for Riga Restaurant Week.