Baltic Shine proposal by Mailītis A.I.I.M., MARK Arhitekti, and Labie koki

The first prize in the competition for the design of the Riga Philharmonic was awarded to the proposal with the motto Baltic Shine, created jointly by the architectural offices Maillitis A.I.I.M. and MARK Arhitekti, as well as the landscape designers Labie Koki. The jury noted that Baltic Shine was a clear winner, demonstrating a sensitive approach to historical heritage and a successful solution to functionality and acoustics.

Stories Editorial December 13, 2023

Announcing the results of the competition, jury chairman Gatis Didrihsons noted that the architects’ task had been difficult, given the typology of the building, its location, and the need to preserve the existing architecture. The evaluation process involved experts from various fields who assessed the architectural form, the fulfilment of the programme, the landscape architecture, the integration into the urban environment, and the transport connectivity. The musicians, who will be the future users of the building, were also involved in the evaluation. In the second phase of the competition, acoustics were given special attention, and, after an analysis by international experts in the field, the jury was convinced of the choice made, awarding the first prize and a cash prize of 30,000 euros to Baltic Shine, a design by Mailītis A.I.I.M., MARK Arhitekti, and Labie Koki. Didrihsons also noted that this design was a clear frontrunner in the first stage of the competition.

Given that Baltic Shine’s design was very advanced compared to the others, the jury decided not to award a second prize. Third prize and 15,000 euros were awarded to the Take Five proposal by the architects Jaunromāns un Ābele and landscape architects Alps together with their partners. Honourable mentions and 7500 eurp cash prizes were awarded to proposals RIG199006504 by Manuelle Gautrand Architecture (France), Sudraba Arhitektūra, Landshape, and partners, as well as to EKADEFT13 by Efrat Kowalsky Architects (Israel) in collaboration with DEFT Architects (Spain). The additional compensation for each of the six participants in the second round of the competition is 30,000 euros.


The aim of the architecture competition was to find the best, most architecturally and functionally thought-out, and most sustainable vision for the future development of the Riga Philharmonic by reconstructing the Riga Congress Hall. A total of 38 proposals were submitted to the competition, and six of them were selected for the second stage of the competition. The maximum contract amount for the design and supervision of the Riga Philharmonic, excluding construction supervision costs, is just over 3.5 million euros, which has been allocated from the state budget by the Ministry of Culture and the Riga City Council.

1st prize — Baltic Shine

3rd prize — Take Five

Honourable mention — RIG199006504

Honourable mention — EKADEFT