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The young designer Ralfs Ašaks has created a multifunctional table 50|50, which combines two smaller side tables and a pouf in one compact form. With this product, Ralfs presents his vision of sustainable design, putting the functionality of the object at the centre. The National Design Award of Latvia 2024 selection jury has nominated 50|50 for the second round of the competition.

Stories Editorial January 16, 2024

The concept of 50|50 is based on the designer’s desire to create a practical and visually appealing object that combines several functions in a space-efficient way and is therefore suitable for small apartments. The table is made up of two symmetrical sides, held together by neodymium magnets, and can be easily separated. By dividing the 50|50, it becomes two smaller side tables that can be comfortably placed by the sofa. Between the two sides of the table is a small pouf that can be used as a separate seat or as an extension of the sofa to stretch out the legs. 50|50 is made of recycled aluminium, and a curved veneer version is also available.

Ralfs notes that one of his goals in designing the table was to offer a product whose sustainability is based on its functionality. «I encourage users to look at the sustainability of function in a product, not materials or design trends. I see sustainable design as things that can provide several necessary functions at the same time, so that the design will be relevant later on,» says Ralfs. He points out that the visual appearance of 50|50 is also designed with long-term use in mind. Although the shape of the table is distinctive, it is concise enough to fit into any interior.


Ralfs Ašaks graduated from the Riga School of Design and Art’s Woodwork Design programme. In 2021, his chair Moro won third place in the Kagu design competition organised by the Japanese city of Higashikawa and architect Kengo Kuma. Ralfs is currently studying architecture at the RISEBA University of Business, Arts and Technology and has recently founded the brand Rea.l Design.