Animation by Katrīna Sadovņikova

The Latvian Association of Architects (LAS) is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a diverse programme of events. On February 23, the XXIII LAS Congress will take place, while on March 7, the National Library of Latvia (NLL) will open the exhibition, which will provide an opportunity to see the most valuable publications LAS has donated to the NLL. In the Nice Touch section, Linda Leitāne, Chair of the LAS Board, talks about the most important books in her library.

Nice Touch Editorial February 16, 2024

«It’s nice to build your own library and then challenge yourself by giving up everything and leaving just one, two, or three books. For me, those are ancient texts, especially the Upanishads, which serve as a source of wisdom and insight, a guide through the twists and turns of life, foster inner strength, and provide some meaning in times of anxiety and uncertainty. Concepts about the nature of self and the interconnectedness of all things allow for inner peace, solace, and a deeper understanding of the human experience, even in the face of uncertainty. Read the texts as a valuable resource to emerge from troubled times with dignity and wisdom and achieve liberation! Everything else is changing, passing, and fading.»

The Latvian Association of Architects is the only professional organisation of architects in Latvia, uniting around 390 members, professional architects. LAS was founded in 1924, and its seat is in Riga, Torņa iela 11, in the Architects’ House. The exhibition featuring the treasures of the Latvian Association of Architects’ library will be on display at the National Library of Latvia from March 4 until May.