Animation by Katrīna Sadovņikova

Today, March 1, at 18.00, the architecture pavilion T/C Latvia. Supermarket as a Laboratory for the Future will be opened at Galerija Centrs. The exhibition at the Venice Biennale Architecture Exhibition was attended by almost 300,000 spectators and was one of the most discussed national exhibitions. One of the authors of the pavilion is Ernests Cerbulis, the head of the architectural office Dei Arh and a member of the extreme skiing association Skilluminati. As his Nice Touch, he recommends including more alternative sports in everyday life.

Nice Touch Editorial March 1, 2024

«My Nice Touch to reduce and balance sedentary work is replacing the car with a bicycle or a walk more often, or even better, finding your alternative daily sport to practice in the urban environment. Since the creation of active recreation parks, sports activities have become more accessible and diverse. I suggest roller skating on one of the many asphalt bicycle tracks or checking out the Centre Sports Quarter. You don’t have to be a professional to participate in alternative sports. When there is snow, winter sports are also relevant, which help to keep a happier mind during the dark months of the year. You can also ski and do tricks in the city — it’s not illegal!»

The supermarket of architectural ideas, on which Ernests Cerbulis worked together with Ints Meņģelis, Toms Kampars, and Karola Rubene, will be exhibited for the first time in Latvia and will be available for visitors to view in a real supermarket, Galerija Centrs, until April 14. T/C Latvia is designed as a reference to a supermarket — an internationally recognised space where users are invited to familiarise themselves with the store’s offer and make a choice.


Ernests is also one of the founders of the extreme skiing association Skilluminati and has participated in the making of the films Oda and Sklmnti, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary with an edited re-issue. This non-profit organisation promotes freestyle skiing in Latvia, organises training schools and competitions, and makes films about urban skiing.