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Alongside her experience in architectural design, Dina Suhanova has worked in the academic world for many years and has organised a number of events and activities related to the field. Dina is also a researcher at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Design, and Architecture of the Art Academy of Latvia (LMA) and has been involved in the development of the New Architecture School of LMA. In the Nice Touch section, Dina talks about activities that allow her to maintain balance and discover new perspectives in her daily life.

Nice Touch Editorial March 22, 2024

«The nice touch of my life is my sporting hobbies — tennis came into my life in 2019, and I’ve been cross-country skiing since I was a kid. Of course, everyone knows and can appreciate the health and fitness benefits of being active and playing sports, but for me, being active in these sports unexpectedly opened other windows to the world.

Firstly, it allows me to «blow up» my social bubble and meet people from other, different, often lesser-known fields, as well as to get a broader view of how other people live, relax, think, and act. This often leads to unexpected and interesting collaborations and ideas.

Secondly, active participation in tournaments, ski competitions, or training has helped me to rediscover Latvia, previously unknown places, tracks, and sports infrastructure not only in Riga but also in the regions, which is very valuable from an architect’s perspective.

Thirdly, sports allow me to unwind my brain. I am convinced that being active (especially tennis, where concentration and mental stability are important) helps me to balance work and non-work life much better, deal with stress, focus, and be more resilient in different situations.

Fourthly, sport gives me the confidence and satisfaction that it is possible to start new things, learn a new sport, and be fit at just under 40. The adrenaline rush I get from competing is a kind of dopamine, or positive drug, for me to cope with everyday life. I wish everyone inspiration and courage to start something new this spring!»

Dina Suhanova is a qualified architect with a Master’s degree in History of Visual Arts and Theory of Culture. In the academic environment, Dina has worked as a lecturer and in administrative positions, as well as leading various interdisciplinary projects.


This summer, from July 22 to August 3, the 5th summer school FestivaL’and dedicated to temporary architecture and urban interventions will take place in Valmiera, organised by Dina, together with the emerging New Architecture School of LMA, RISEBA Faculty of Architecture and Design, and in collaboration with the Valmiera Summer Theatre Festival. Applications from international participants are welcome until April 1, while applications from Latvian participants will open in April.