Animation by Katrīna Sadovņikova

Tonight, on March 28, Riga art galleries participating in the Riga Last Thursdays initiative will open their doors to visitors free of charge. The event, which takes place on the last Thursday of every month, aims to make art processes and the latest exhibitions accessible to everyone, becoming a beloved event for the city’s residents. The initiative is organised by M/Gallery and curator Elena Salina. In the Nice Touch section, she talks about a genre that offers an unusual cultural experience.

Nice Touch Editorial March 28, 2024

«I work with cultural experiences, and I’m also interested in how experiences can become immersive by engaging multiple senses, such as hearing, touch, and smell, rather than just sight. Related to this is my fascination with audio drama, a genre I discovered a few years ago through BBC Radio 4’s show Tracks. Audio dramas are like audiobooks on steroids. Listening to one is like watching a TV show with the same level of acting but where the sound design completely replaces the need for visuals. The way it transports you to another universe is truly amazing.

My latest discovery is an audio production company called QCode, whose audio dramas star Hollywood actors such as Rumi Malek and Demi Moore. At the beginning of each episode, they warn listeners not to be alarmed by sounds coming from the sides, around, or behind them. One story in particular, The Left Right Game (my personal favourite), has been picked up by Amazon to be made into a series.»

Elen Salina is a curator, digital content creator, and social media strategist and manager. She is interested in how comprehensive art experiences can transform urban space and society’s relationship to it. Elena came up with the idea for Riga Last Thursdays while studying in London, where galleries are open to the public on the first Thursday evening of the month.


Riga Last Thursdays programme for March — on the initiative’s website.