Animation by Katrīna Sadovņikova

The Latvian Museum of Architecture is currently hosting an exhibition on mobile homes in the US and Latvia, Dreams of Stasis. One of its authors is architect and artist Helvijs Savickis, who combines different media in his work and is interested in the geopolitical traces of humanity and their documentation. In the Nice Touch section, Helvijs recommends a website that is useful when travelling.

Nice Touch Editorial March 8, 2024

«In every country and region, there are some objects that are completely different from their environment or era. To keep my sense of wonder and spirit of discovery alive while travelling, I use Atlas Obscura, a digital atlas where unusual sights and places of interest are curated like a cabinet of curiosities. It’s based on people’s recommendations and helps you escape the tourist crowds and places you’ve seen a hundred times, as well as your own digital echo chamber.»

Helvijs Savickis’ work fuses the boundaries of different genres, expanding the understanding of materials and media. He works with installation, architecture, and cinema, combining them to reveal the nuanced interplay of space and time. Helvijs is one of the authors of the Latvian Pavilion at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale (2012), and his work has been exhibited in Riga, Vienna, Los Angeles, and elsewhere.


Exhibition Dreams of Stasis is on view at the Latvian Museum of Architecture from February 19 to April 26. It is based on video installations by architects Helvijs Savickis and Julia Obleitner and video artist Marvin Kanas, which explore mobile homes in the US and Latvia, their role, and adaptation to different conditions.