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The Valter stool by Wooden Deals, a manufacturer of wooden furniture and components, has won the German Design Award in the furniture design category, demonstrating a simple approach to sustainable design. The laconic seating is made entirely of solid wood, without metal fastenings — the legs and the top are joined together using strong wooden threads.

Stories Editorial March 5, 2024

«The award received is a very high evaluation of our work and proof that global and competitive products can be created in Latvia. Wooden thread, an unusual but at the same time simple method of assembling the stool, is the essence of this product,» says Andris Vītiņš, the design author of Valter and the founder of the brand Wooden Deals.

The simple way of assembling makes it easy to store the stool when dismantled, which is particularly important in small homes. In addition, the opportunity to deliver the furniture in compact packaging saves resources — not only is it cheaper, but it is also more environmentally friendly. The laconic design of Valter highlights the varied textures of the wood; the stool is available in three different versions: oak, walnut, and mahogany. Valter is made solely from environmentally friendly and certified materials, including the stool’s packaging. The piece is made to be sturdy, stable, and long-lasting, but once its life cycle is over, the stool will be easy to recycle as it uses only one material.


Andris reveals that the stool is the first step in the development of the Valter collection, and that work is now also continuing on a bench and a table that use the same wooden thread as the stool.


The Wooden Deals brand was created three years ago, but the company’s CEO has more than 20 years of experience in woodworking. Wooden Deals has grown from making individual projects to a production facility that creates furniture for clients in Latvia and abroad. More about the brand — on the Wooden Deals website.