Animation by — Katrīna Sadovņikova

Fashion designer Baiba Ripa creates timeless and sustainable knitwear, from laconic unisex garments for everyday wear to unusual and expressive outfits, all of which embody architectural qualities. Alongside her work in fashion, Baiba also has experience in interior design, and this year she is one of the jury members for the National Design Award of Latvia 2024. In the Nice Touch section, Baiba talks about her companion in the creative process.

Nice Touch Editorial April 26, 2024

«Sound and music play a huge role in my creative process. When I’m stuck, all I have to do is find the right music or sound, and I start to look at things in a completely different way. I was looking for a sound source to complement my day-to-day for a long time, and when I was visiting a friend in Berlin, I fell in love with Radio 3Sixty by German manufacturer Teufel at first sound. Since I listen to different genres, folk music from different cultures as well as untamed new sounds, it’s important for me to easily find the right thing to enhance the mood of the moment. Radio 3Sixty is perfectly designed and offers not only good sound quality but also total freedom: you can listen to any radio station, Spotify, or music from your USB archive.»

Baiba Ripa’s brand is centred around sustainability in its broadest sense. The minimal but original design and high quality of the knitwear will continue to bring joy to its wearer for years, and the garments are made from environmentally friendly, ethically sourced materials by skilled local artisans who are paid a fair wage for their work. More about Baiba Ripa’s clothes can be found on the brand’s website.