Image from the video game Space Wreck

Last year, Mārtiņš Ceplis and Ernests Kļaviņš from the game studio Pahris Entertainment released a post-apocalyptic space adventure game, Space Wreck, which not only received recognition at the Latvian Game Awards but was also highlighted in international media.

Stories Editorial July 1, 2024

The video game Space Wreck won not only the Game of the Year Award but was also awarded first place in the categories Best Video Game, Best Game Design, and Best Artistic Design at the recently held Latvian Game Awards 2023. Space Wreck also won in the Indie Video Game category at the Game Development World Championship 2022.


Space Wreck is a short but deep game. Although it can be completed in a few hours, the game offers a wide variety of experiences depending on the chosen play style, motivating players to replay it several times and discover all the facets of the space adventure. Every problem the game sets has many different solutions, and it’s possible to finish it completely, avoiding the usually ever-present physical battles.

Players take on the role of an inexperienced spaceship captain trying to return home to Earth after being attacked by an asteroid pirate. The freedom of action offered by the game means that players will be able to achieve their goals as brawling thugs, charming diplomats, or cunning hackers, discovering completely new storylines and characters through different play styles. Every choice the player makes matters, and each attempt at the game culminates in a unique storyline ending, revealing how the main character’s actions have affected his own future and that of the other characters in the game.


Space Wreck is inspired by classic isometric role-playing video games such as Fallout and Baldur’s Gate. The game’s pixelated aesthetic offers a nostalgic retro experience in a significantly shorter format than its inspirations, while still retaining their inherent humour and absurd situations that stem from the choices the player makes.


The video game Space Wreck is available on Steam.