Animation by Katrīna Sadovņikova

This weekend, on July 6 and 7, the zine and small press festival Sābrs will bring together artists, illustrators, comics authors, and publishers at Āgenskalns Market, where the festival’s main event, the zine market, will take place. There will also be several exhibitions elsewhere in Riga. One of the organisers of Sābrs is illustrator Rebeka Lukošus, who, in the Nice Touch column, talks about a special product that allows her to expand on her favourite illustration technique.

Nice Touch Editorial July 5, 2024

«For illustrating books, I use different types of oil pastels, which can be bought in any bookshop or artists’ supply store in Latvia. But on my travels outside Latvia, I discovered Sennelier’s giant oil pastels, which have opened up new possibilities for me. It turns out that I can use my favourite technique to draw not only small illustrations but also large-format works! What’s more, Sennelier crayons are extra soft, making drawing even more enjoyable. In artists’ supply shops, these crayons are always displayed on a beautiful wooden shelf, one by one, each in its own compartment. I usually spend a long time in front of this shelf, trying to decide which of the beautiful shades to buy this time.»

Rebeka Lukošus studied painting at the Art Academy of Latvia. She has illustrated several children’s books, and in 2021, her own story, «Nepaklausīgais vectēvs» (The Unruly Grandfather), was published. Rebeka is also active in the field of comics, and together with illustrator Jurijs Tatarkins, she organises the festival Sābrs, which aims to increase «neighbourliness» between publishers and artists, sharing ideas and experiences, as well as building mutual contacts. For this reason, the festival has chosen a name that is an old Latvian word meaning «neighbour». You can follow Sābrs’ programme on their Instagram account.