Visual identity for the 10th anniversary of Lampa by Valters Kalsers un Dārta Apsīte

On July 5 and 6, Cēsis will host the tenth annual conversation festival Lampa, which aims to strengthen democratic values and encourage respectful discussion on issues of relevance. To mark the anniversary of the festival, graphic designer Valters Kalsers and creative director Dārta Apsīte have created a bold visual identity for the event that combines strength and vitality.

Stories Paula Gāgane July 3, 2024

This year, the central theme of Lampaa is strength — the strength of ourselves, of others, and of us together, the strength to speak, to listen, or to remain silent. «When we thought about a common slogan, we thought that everyone should first be able to see their own strength and believe in it. The slogan is a play on words: «I believe in … strenght». Thus, we can believe in our own power, the power of language, the power of volunteers, the power of the community, the power of the sunflower, the power of Latvia, and, ultimately, the power of Lampa. The variations are adaptable and endless,» says Dārta Apsīte, author of the communication concept for the anniversary year of Lampa.


The idea of seeing strength is continued in the visual identity of this year’s Lampa. It is based on the variable typeface Purple Haze, which allows the text to be transformed into a kaleidoscopic illustration. «As words are integrated into the typography of the identity, they take on a visually powerful and decorative meaning, changing not only their size but also their function — taking on a broader visual and conceptual scope. The playful and dynamic nature of the typeface accentuates the symbolism of the festival theme: to see and believe in strength, one must become more observant and careful,” explains graphic designer Valters Kalsers.

This year, the visual identity for Lampa has replaced the usual cyan shade with other variations of blue. They are complemented by shades of vivid green and orange, giving the identity the cheerfulness associated with celebrations and festivals, as well as enhancing the optical movement of typography. «Just like Lampa, which brings together people of different interests, opinions, and communities for a conversation, the visual framework of this year’s festival invites people to be more open, to step out of the ordinary, and to challenge their perceptions,» the authors emphasise.


The conversation festival Lampa will take place on July 5 and 6 in Cēsis, offering a diverse programme of 363 events for all tastes and interests, covering topics such as education, mental health, finance and economics, security and justice, artificial intelligence, and many other topical issues. More information on upcoming events is available on the Lampa website.