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For the sixth year running, «radi!» movement is inviting to learn, demonstrate and become aware of the Latvian creativity potential, by creating and doing. A versatile event programme is planned from May 12 to 31 for various target audiences, while one of the main events will be a conference dedicated to museums.

Stories Editorial April 8, 2016

The social movement «radi!» is initiated by the Ministry of Culture and British Council, which aim to promote public awareness and interest about the sector of creative and cultural industries, creativity–promoting education, innovations, knowledge economy and creative management by demonstrating the experience and achievements of Latvia and other countries.

Satellite events

This year the main events will start with an opening at the National Art Museum of Latvia on May 12 and continue until May 31, while the satellite programme will take place both before and after the «radi!» main programme. It features discussions, seminars, workshops, examples of interdisciplinary collaboration and other forms of creativity. Several events are happening already — the Architecture and New Technologies Week «Archi Tech Riga» just passed, and today a creative industries centre, co–working space «Skola6» will open in Cēsis, but until the end of the month an exhibition of the brand «John Neeman Tools» is on view in Sigulda.

A conference on museums

The central event of the «radi!» programme will be the conference «Re–Start Museum» on May 18, International Museum Day. It will highlight the museum as a tradition, a value, a place for new thoughts. Currently, several museums of Latvia go through the process of renovation — the National Art Museum of Latvia, the National History Museum of Latvia, Riga Motor Museum, the Literature and Music Museum, numerous memorial museums — they all are being modernised to become welcoming and accessible places to learn, meet and find inspiration. At the conference the attendees will search for answers to questions like what does it mean to restart a museum and how the process is perceived by those who are involved in it. Latvian and foreign museum representatives will share their insights and experiences.

«Creative Business Cup» presentations

For the third year running, the Centre for Young Entrepreneurs organises the national selection for the international creative industries competition «Creative Business Cup». Twenty Latvian entrepreneurs will compete for the opportunity to represent Latvia in Copenhagen and earn the title of «World’s Best Entrepreneur in Creative Industries». The first round of the competition will take place on May 10, when Jānis Rozenblats from «Mailigen» will share his success story.

An invitation to join

The organisers and co–operation partners of the creativity week welcome everybody who is interested — informal groups of people, institutions, establishments, organisations, companies in Riga and in the regions of Latvia — to join the «radi!» movement. If you have an idea that is in line with the concept of the creativity week, and if you have the potential and resources to implement it, join the «radi!» platform of peers, and enrich the programme of «radi!2016». The team of organisers is open to new partnerships with individuals, organisations, disciplines, regions, and ideas on how the creative industries are contributing to improving and developing the public life in the broadest variety of areas. To take part, an application form of «radi!2016» must be filled in. It, as well as additional information, can be found on the webpage. The applications are open until April 25, 2016.