Image by Jurgis Gecys

From August 30 to September 28, the Latvian Museum of Architecture hosts an exhibition «Parallel Identities: how to preserve the future landscapes of the Baltics». It will feature works by young architects, devoted to the issues of identity of the Baltic landscape, including gypsum and wooden architectural models, as well as digital collages, hand–drawn graphics and video installations. The exhibition will open with talks by the authors of the project — Aiste Ambrazeviciute and Jurgis Gecys.

Stories Editorial August 23, 2017

The Lithuanian architects Aiste Ambrazeviciute and Jurgis Gecys, have both graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with visionary projects, exploring landscapes of the Baltics — the Curonian Spit and the historic wooden architecture of Kaunas, its identification, and preservation in the contemporary context. The unifying element of culture and identity seems to be the symbiosis between human and nature: wood, sand, water, and wind. The Baltic sea coast, forests, and meadows look similar and can be characterised by the same flora and fauna.

In their works, both authors offer their vision for the future, while taking into account local traditions and changes, dictated by the overall development. The architectural interventions by Gecys could be defined as monuments and act as linking elements between the place and its memory, by identifying the process of negotiation between man and nature in a physical and mental matter. More art than architecture, the project provokes contemplation of the region’s unique geography and its history.While the project’s design by Aiste Ambrazeviciute is based on the complex wood anatomy and material investigation, combining various scales and parts of wood, which enabled to discover new unseen forms of wood. The goal of the project is to rediscover the wooden architecture and to introduce design parameters proposing an ethnographic environment that speaks truly of its birthplace and the future.

This will be the first time these projects, which have already gained recognition in several international architecture competitions, will be exhibited in the Baltic countries.

The exhibition «Parallel Identities: how to preserve the future landscapes of the Baltics» is organised by Helvijs Savickis, Austra Stupele, Ernests Šveisbergs. The lectures by Aiste Ambrazeviciute and Jurgis Gecys will take place on August 30 at 18.00 at the Latvian Museum of Architecture. The exhibition will be on show from August 30 to September 28 on weekdays at the Latvian Museum of Architecture, Mazā Pils iela 19, Riga.