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From May 1 to 5, the second annual «Wood Days» will take place in Cēsis. «Wood Days» is a series of educational events covering the fields of wood architecture, craftsmanship, industry and design. The organisers aim to promote the development of these fields by sharing both practical and academic knowledge; to demonstrate the latest woodworking technologies and products with high added value; and to inform about the advantages, costs and availability of wood construction in Latvia.

Stories Editorial April 27, 2018

«Wood Days» will start off on May 1 with the two–day Wood Design and Technology Prototype Workshop at the Cēsis Technology and Design High School. On May 2, the project «Skolnieks Pētnieks Pilsētnieks» (Student, Researcher, Urban Dweller) will present their workshop, the objective of which is to bring awareness to the role that the wooden architecture of Cēsis plays in the urban environment and how it makes the city unique compared to others. High school students and adults of all ages, including municipal government workers and anyone interested in the city and its urban environment, are invited to participate.

On May 3, a broad interdisciplinary conference will take place throughout the day at the «Cēsis» Vidzeme Concert Hall; it will feature both Latvian and international experts, specialists and educators from Austria, Finland, Denmark and Lithuania. Subjects covered will include modern wooden architecture and technologies, the preservation and maintenance of historical monuments and urban environments, and related social aspects. The conference is being organised in cooperation with the Riga Technical University, Faculty of Architecture. Simultaneous interpretation in both Latvian and English will be provided.

From May 3 to 4, there will be an exhibition in which wood production and crafts businesses, as well as other enterprises linked to the wood industry, will present their products and technologies.

On May 4 and 5, restoration specialists Jānis Tolpežņikovs and Ieva Zilberte from the association «Cēsu mantojums» (Cēsis heritage) will lead a workshop on wooden building restoration. Participants will take part in a theoretical seminar as well as gain hands–on experience in building part restoration and the use of traditional tools, paints and other materials.

On May 9, the Cēsis Technology and Design High School will host the Wood Games for Future Professionals.

The International Wood Architecture, Craftsmanship, Production and Design Days in Cēsis are presented in cooperation with the «Latvia’s State Forests», the Cēsis Municipality, and the Cēsis Technology and Design High School. Wood Days are organised by the Cēsis community organisation «Skola6», the RTU Faculty of Architecture, and the Vecpiebalga Landscape and Cultural Environment Protection Association.


A detailed programme of the «Wood Days» events is available on its website.