«Treasures of Latvia». Publicity photo

As the centenary celebration of Latvia approaches, the exporting brands support movement «The Red Jackets» has released a book «Treasures of Latvia — Outstanding Export Brands and Inspiring Places», featuring stories of 30 most promising Latvian entrepreneurs — the recipients of the titles «The Red Jackets» and «Rising Stars». The new book is the third and final issue of the «Treasures of Latvia» series and highlights not only remarkable people but also various beautiful places of Latvia.

Stories Editorial November 16, 2018

The movement «The Red Jackets» has released three «Treasures of Latvia» books, all aiming to create an inspiring story of Latvia and its most successful exporting brands. The new release continues to represent businesses of various fields — from pharmacy and food industry to technology start–ups, as well as fashion and furniture design.

From January to September, the author of the book, British journalist Mike Collier visited all 30 awarded companies. His texts are in the style of documentary diary, featuring the date, weather conditions, geographical coordinates and personal impressions on each visit and conversation. That way, the book also represents all regions of Latvia and gives an insight into significant places, towns and landmarks, that have shaped the paths of the Latvian most successful companies.

«In general, I don’t like business books. That’s why I tried to write one worth reading. Regardless of whether I succeeded or not, I met a lot of interesting people and got acquainted with places in Latvia that I would never have otherwise visited,» says writer Mike Collier.

Since the foundation of «The Red Jackets» movement, 70 Latvian companies have received the title of best Latvian exporting brand «The Red Jackets», while 30 were named «The Rising Stars» or the most promising exporting brands of the future. The founders and partners of the movement are «Gateway&Partners» and «DDB Latvia» but its core team members are Inese Andersone, Andris Rubīns and Līva Stūrmane. The previous «Treasures of Latvia» books were released in 2014 and 2016.

The final book «Treasures of Latvia — Outstanding Export Brands and Inspiring Places» is published in English and designed by Jānis Birznieks and Karīna Papanova. It is available at the «Jānis Roze» bookstores in Latvia. 100 prosperous export companies that make 20% of all Latvian export are collected also on «Treasures of Latvia» digital platform.