Naked Truth Nº211 — Maija Rozenfelde

At the end of November, the seventh season of the event series «A Word to Design» was opened at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design. This year, it will continue with various talks and activities. In February, designer, tutor and Head of Art Academy of Latvia Functional Design department Maija Rozenfelde will host a design workshop for adults. Maija has worked with many recognisable brands, creating their visual identities and award-winning packaging designs.

Naked Truths Editorial January 12, 2019

«Fall in love! When starting your work on a project, the first task is to lose your head at least a little — to fall in love, to become absurdly loyal and consider yourself as «us» from the very first days. Then the desire to explore it to the details and create the coolest solutions will come naturally and bring you fulfilment.»