Naked Truth Nº229 — Raitis Linde

This weekend, the open–air innovation and technology festival iNovuss continues in Lucavsala in Riga, featuring an extensive programme of discussions, lectures, workshops, networking events, film screenings, musical performances and other activities. On the last day, September 1, the leading UX designers of Tet company Madara Zelčāne and Raitis Linde will host the UX workshop «How to generate ideas that address user challenges?». Raitis is a digital service designer with more than twelve years of experience who also co–organises activities of the UI/UX Riga Meetup community.

Naked Truths Editorial August 31, 2019

«Each person has his or her own unique story, which can provide the piece of the puzzle necessary for a meaningful and effective design solution. So listen to the users, observe what they do, and engage them. Remember that we create for them, not for ourselves.»