Illustration by FOLD

Several designers have sent us posters that anyone can print out and use in peaceful protests against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s brutal attack on Ukraine. We also invite other creative industry professionals to use their visual communication skills to create bold, easy–to–print and easy–to–use images!

Stories Editorial March 3, 2022

Peaceful protests take place every day in front of the Russian Embassy in Riga, as well as in public squares and at monuments elsewhere in Latvia. Not everyone has the time and materials to make posters, but designers, illustrators and copywriters can help create attractive, easy–to–print images and slogans to use in demonstrations.


Graphic design, illustration, and other creative industries have always been reliable companions of social movements. These are disciplines that visualise ideas, promote public involvement in social and political issues, and contribute to collective thought.


We invite professionals in the creative industries to use their visual communication skills to create bold and easy–to–use posters and images for use on social networks. Send them to us and we’ll add them to our growing collection. We especially invite you to think about black and white versions of posters for easier and cheaper printing.

Instagram images and posters dedicated to Ukranian women by designer Anete Nežberte — download.

Instagram image and poster by designer Zane Ratniece — download.

Instagram images by designer Rūta Jumīte — download.

Posters and Instagram images by designer Jurģis Volodins — download.

Poster by designer Artis Tauriņš — download.

Instagram images by illustrator Beatrise Birina — download.

Instagram images by design studio Asketic — download. «Bez cīņas nav uzvaras» by designer Edgars Zvirgzdiņš.

Posters by designer Karola Rubene — download.

Posters by illustrator Krista Miltiņa — download.

Posters by  design studio Asteroid — download.

Posters by designer Una Grants — download.

Posters by designer Ieva Jakuša — download.

Instagram images, videos, and posters by designer Elīna Zaķe — download.

Posters, social media images, and Zoom backgrounds by designer Linda Jākobsone Viškere — download.

Posters by designer Dmitry Zagga — download.

Posters and social media images by designer Oskars Rupeiks — download.

Posters by design studio Brandbox — download.