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The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia has announced a design competition for the concept and implementation of the Latvian Pavilion at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale. The theme of the 2023 Biennale is Laboratory of the Future, and applicants are invited to submit their ideas for the competition by September 6.

Stories Editorial June 22, 2022

The competition aims to select the most valuable concept of Latvia’s Pavilion for the 18th Venice Architecture Biennale, the best architectural design, and the implementation proposal for the exhibition, as well as the curator and project team, which will represent the Latvian contemporary architecture or the Latvian architectural heritage at the Venice Architecture Biennale.


Architects, designers, artists, creative interdisciplinary teams that are legal or natural persons or associations of persons are invited to participate in the competition. The selection process will be organised in two stages. The first three highest-ranked proposals for the concept and implementation of the Latvian Pavilion will be selected by the jury, and the highest-ranked winner will be invited to a negotiated procedure for the award of a procurement contract. The competition provides for a prize fund of 4000 euros, where the 1st prize winner will receive 2000 euros, while the 2nd place and 3rd place beneficiaries will each receive 1000 euros. The total budget of the Latvian pavilion shall not exceed 94 000 euros. The Ministry of Culture is responsible for covering all costs of the Latvian pavilion and providing the rental of the premises necessary for the pavilion’s implementation at the Arsenale.


Applicants can submit their proposals by 11am on 6 September, 2022. The proposals must be submitted in Latvian in person at the Ministry of Culture or sent by post. Regulations of the competition in Latvian can be found here.


The 18th International Architecture Exhibition will take place from May 20th to November 26th, 2023. The title of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2023 is 
The Laboratory of the Future. The curator and artistic director is Lesley Lokko, architect, academic, and novelist.


Latvia has participated at the Venice Architecture Biennale since 2002 and will be represented at the Venice Architecture Biennale with a national pavilion for the tenth time next year. Latvia’s pavilion «It’s not for you! It’s for the building» at the 17th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition in 2021 was realised by the creative team of the architect’s office NRJA .