Animation by Katrīna Sadovņikova

Arnis Balčus, photographer, editor of Foto Kvartāls magazine, and director of Riga Photomonth, documents Latvian society in all its diversity. Until November 16, the ISSP Gallery is hosting his exhibition Scene, which focuses on the alternative youth subculture of the same name and talks about the challenges young people face today. In the Nice Touch section, Arnis talks about a small but important thing that has helped him take the Scene photographs.

Nice Touch Editorial November 10, 2023

«If you’re shooting outdoors and a moment later you go inside where the temperature varies drastically, for example, in a club full of sweaty people, the camera lens will get fogged up. You can’t clean it in one go — it’s a struggle over several minutes. It’s no good cleaning with your hands or clothes because it damages the lens, so the Seiko eyeglass cloth comes in handy. I carry it with me even when I don’t have my camera with me (and I don’t have glasses yet either).»

The exhibition Scene at the ISSP Gallery has been accompanied by a diverse programme of events, including concerts, poetry readings, and a punk fair. On November 16, the exhibition will close with an alternative music concert featuring punk bands Polycephaly, Māra Dagne, and Skala Bünte. You can find more about Arnis Balcus’ photography projects on his website and Instagram account, and Arnis writes about what’s happening in photography in Foto Kvartāls magazine.