Illustartion by Kristiāna Doroščonoka

The FOLD Winter 2023 illustration will bring joy not only to Latvian creatives but also to bird lovers. The drawing is by illustrator Kristiāna Doroščonoka, who was nominated for this assignment by Aleksandra Runde, the author of last season’s drawing.

Stories Editorial December 12, 2023

«I met Kristiāna while studying at the Art Academy of Latvia. I have always loved her illustrations and colour palettes, and following Kristiāna’s growth, I am happy to see how she has developed her illustration language. As Kristiāna lives and works in the UK, I want to give her a bit of a platform so that everyone in Latvia sees her work,» says Aleksandra Runde, the author of the autumn 2023 illustration.


Kristiāna says about the winter illustration: «In the past year, birds have entered my illustrations. I am currently working on a book of birds that I plan to self-publish next year, so in this drawing I wanted to explore the birds that overwinter in Latvia, both in the countryside and in cities.»


Kristiāna Doroščonoka studied at the Art Academy of Latvia and holds an MA in Children’s Book Illustration from the Cambridge School of Art. Her MA diploma project, the book How to Grow a Walnut Tree, was included in the Bologna International Children’s Book Fair Illustrators Competition exhibition. Kristiāna’s illustrations radiate a peaceful and joyful mood, are rich in detail, and often depict nature. Alongside her art, Kristiāna creates YouTube videos where she talks about her work, presents sketches, and reveals her favourite art supplies. You can follow Kristiana’s work on her website and Instagram account.