Animation by Katrīna Sadovņikova

Until December 9, the exhibition Bourzma Odyssey by the sustainable fashion collective Bourzma is open for visitors to discover and buy the creations of young Latvian designers. In the Nice Touch section, one of the founders of Bourzma, creative director and photographer Miks Kristians Ozoliņš, reveals what helps him focus on his work.

Nice Touch Editorial December 8, 2023

«Nowadays, there are too many audiovisual stimuli around, which is distracting, especially if you have to work in different locations, in cafés, on benches, or in transport. During my studies, I discovered a great way to concentrate on what I need to do in any place or situation: I listen to «white noise black screen» on YouTube. It gives you the feeling of being on a plane, but without the crying babies and other unwanted side effects. Most people use these sounds to fall asleep, but for me, they help me to disconnect from the outside world and concentrate on what I’m doing, especially when combined with sound-isolating headphones.»

Co-founded by Miks Kristiāns Ozoliņš, Bourzma is a collective of creatives from different creative fields whose aim is to promote sustainable fashion design and encourage unrestricted creative expression among young people. The collective advocates the recycling and upcycling of clothing and textiles, the conservation of resources, and slow fashion. Although Bourzma has only been active for two years, it has already gained a loyal following through the Bourzma Boutique fashion shows for young designers.


Until December 9, the exhibition Bourzma Odyssey is open at Avotu iela 2, Riga, with workshops and concerts on weekends. Today, on December 8, the young hip-hop artist Galeniex will perform at the exhibition. You can keep up to date with community events on the Bourzma website and Instagram account.