Photo by Gatis Rozenfelds

The advertising agency Magic, in collaboration with the studio Film Angels Productions, has created a campaign clip, Vibrant Parade of Films and TV Series, for the new LMT streaming platform. The campaign is centred around a marching band that marches through the city, waking it up from slumber.

Stories Editorial February 8, 2024

Until now, the LMT streaming platform has functioned as a closed service available only to LMT customers. Recent enhancements to the service included not only additions to usability and viewing experience but also that LMT streaming platforms are now accessible to everyone. In order to inform the general public about the news, the campaign’s creative director, Edgars Kuzmins, decided that the launch of the platform should be announced loudly, which is why the «main character» of the clip is a marching brass band parading through the nocturnal streets of Riga.

«Filming the city asleep at night, we focused on characters and locations that are rarely featured in commercials. We captured some wonderful and previously undiscovered textures of Riga,» says Jānis Nords, the director of the video. The black-and-white city also serves as a metaphor for the awakening as LMT’s colourful content enters the city. The aesthetics and storyline of the video embody LMT’s characteristic visual codes, such as monochrome imagery and energetic action, thus reinforcing the brand’s integrity and recognisability. The clip also echoes LMT 5G internet campaign, in which fifteen horses ran through the streets of Riga.


The ambitious clip was created by advertising and film professionals from Latvia, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, and Ukraine. Producer Ivo Ceplevičs says this has been one of the most challenging Latvian advertising projects in his experience: «Filming in an urban environment requires a huge amount of approvals, permits, traffic restrictions, etc. Every detail that is missing or, for some reason, not feasible can create a chain reaction. Until the last minute, the challenge was the weather, because 80% of the clip takes place outdoors with an orchestra and instruments that can’t get wet.»

The video was produced by the advertising agency Magic in collaboration with the studio Film Angels Productions. Creative directors — Klinta Verbele and Edgars Kuzmins, artist — Harijs Grundmanis, strategic director — Vairis Strazds, senior strategic planner — Rihards Ginters, campaign copywriter — Reinis Piziks, project management — Elizabete Puntule and Ance Sūna-Jēkabsone, designer — Toms Vilītis, computer graphics — Emīls Rupais and Didzis Bičevskis. Producer — Ivo Ceplevičs, director Jānis Nords, cinematographer — Jurģis Kmins.