Animation by Katrīna Sadovņikova

The Corebook tool makes the work of brand managers easier by offering an alternative to static brand guidelines, making it easier to store, use, and share information, as well as helping design studios and agencies organise their work more easily. In the Nice Touch section, the creative director and audio branding consultant, Jānis Vērzemnieks, the founder of Corebook, talks about an everyday object that helps him organise his working environment. 

Stories Editorial March 15, 2024

«The familiar multi-function binder clip has become an integral part of my working environment after I found and purchased an alternative version from the Taiwanese online shop Tools to Liveby. I believe that this design should become the prototype of the clip that is produced worldwide. The edges of my desk are fitted with beautiful 19 mm bronze binder clips that reliably keep my digital connections — computer wires and sockets — in order. And a larger 51 mm paper clip helps keep my jumble of music amplifiers and wires in check. I seem to have been familiar with the binder clip as a tool for as long as I can remember, but I’ve never used it for its direct purpose — to bind paper.»

In addition to managing Corebook, Jānis Vērzemnieks is also actively involved in audio branding and has helped to develop, for example, the audio design of the conversation festival Lampa.