Illustration by Anita Rupeika

As the seasons change, we invite an illustrator to create a drawing dedicated to that season. For this assignment, Kristiāna Doroščonoka, the author of the winter illustration, has nominated artist Anita Rupeika, for whom the arrival of spring is signalled by the bustle in the parks.

Stories Editorial April 4, 2024

«The illustration tells the story of Sakura watching at night. It fascinates me that as soon as the bloom and the warm evenings start, the parks are full of people, even at night. All the benches are occupied, under every other tree there are either groups of young people or couples kissing,» Anita says about the spring drawing.


Anita Rupeika is an artist and illustrator who works on book illustration and character design for animation. Anita uses both traditional and digital techniques, with watercolour and collage having a special place in her work. She regularly collaborates with the publishing houses Pētergailis, Liels Un Mazs, and Zvaigzne ABC on illustrations for children’s literature and book covers, and her work has been published both in Latvia and abroad. Last year, Anita created drawings for the #EsGaidu campaign by the Marta Centre, calling public attention to the need to ratify the Istanbul Convention.


Kristiāna Doroščonoka, the author of the winter 2023 illustration, describes Anita’s illustrations: «I like Anita’s artistic style, which combines fantasy and realism, including a lot of detail in her drawings. Her varied colour palettes are always adapted to the story. From time to time, I also look at Anita’s Instagram stories, which reveal behind the scenes of her work.»