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The social entrepreneurship label «Lude» has launched a new line — fluorescent rugs «Lude Lumini», especially pleasing to those that fear darkness.

Stories Ieva Laube December 15, 2014

As previous collections, «Lude Lumini» rugs have been created in an environmentally friendly manner — weaved from used knitwear and textile cuttings. On average, making of a single rug takes 15 to 20 T–shirts that otherwise would end up in a landfill. These particular models have been printed with fluorescent paint patterns using silk screening method. The applied paint «charges» by absorbing both daylight, and artificial lighting, and the duration of luminescence depends on the intensity and the time of exposure to a light source. Moreover, the fluorescent print shines more brightly on a light–coloured rug than on a darker material. The patterns of «Lude Lumini» are designed by textile artist Lilita Bauģe.

Since the opening in March 2013, «Lude» has trained and employed 12 seniors, recycled more than 200 kilograms of textile cuttings and used clothing and formed a successful collaboration with source material suppliers — fashion and lingerie labels «ZIB*», «Rosme», «Lauma Lingerie», as well as charity store «Otrā Elpa» and other companies.

«Lude Lumini» rugs will be available for orders starting from January on «Lude’s» online store. For now, two types of fluorescent prints have been created, but an individual design can be agreed upon if the rugs are ordered in advance.