All illustrations by Agris Bobrovs

In a cooperation between the Ministry of Culture, Latvian Radio, Latvian Television and Latvia’s united news portal, a website is launched, inviting everyone to devote their free time for Latvia’s centenary. After taking a simple test, choosing the amount of time, specific skills and a location in Latvia, the digital platform offers ways how to give part of one’s time for Latvia’s upcoming celebration or to volunteer in related events.

Stories Veronika Viļuma November 24, 2015

The website encourages people to become doers rather than observers and to voluntarily donate their time for the centenary of Latvia. All donated hours will be stored and systematised in a special digital time bank. Over time, as the digital platform evolves, everyone who has volunteered will be invited to take part in the organising of the centenary events and will be able to make use of the skills and knowledge revealed in the test. The invitation to participate will be sent out via e–mail.

The platform will also serve as a source of information, helping one quickly and conveniently find out about the upcoming events and news related to Latvia’s 100th birthday celebrations.

Design of the website was created by «Associates, Partners et Sons» with illustrations by Agris Bobrovs, and the platform was built by «Cube».