Naked Truth Nº140 — Anete Franka

A few years ago, the director of Latvian Art Directors Club (LADC) Anete Franka founded an exclusive almost year–long education program #LADCskola. In its framework, students are given the opportunity to learn from advertising and design industry professionals in their agencies and studios. On May 10 public presentations of the #LADCskola final projects will take place at «Café Film Noir», while the graduation ceremony will be held on May 12. In June the next students of #LADCskola will be enrolled, but at the end of May LADC will announce the open call for the 12th creative excellence festival «Adwards 2017».

Naked Truths Editorial May 5, 2017

«In our lectures I often see the same people who have proved the mastery in their field a long time ago. They all share curiosity, initiative and self–criticism. Success rarely is accidental.»