Cover illustration by Reinis Pētersons

The society «Droši un koši» has released a book «Pie galda» («At the table») by Irma Kalniņa. In a friendly way, it introduces children to the beginnings of etiquette and the basic principles of table manners. Colourful illustrations by Reinis Pētersons are an important part of the book, helping to understand the compiled tips and facts. The book is intended for children aged 7 to 13 and is available in Latvian and Russian.

Stories Editorial January 3, 2018

The book «Pie galda» serves as a guide for the whole family and teaches the basic principles of good manners and traditions. Children are provided with valuable tips on behaviour and dining culture that will be useful for the rest of their lives. The author Irma Kalniņa invites to think about various situations that can occur at a table and offers the solutions with a dose of humour. By reading the book and looking at the vivid illustrations by Reinis Pētersons,  young readers will be able to properly set a table, deal with sophisticated meals and will know the principles of good manners at a restaurant or other social gatherings.

The publishers, society «Droši un koši» emphasizes that the greatest value of the book will be revealed if the parents will also take into account the knowledge, will act as role models and good manners at a table will become a part of family’s day–to–day life.

The book explains the history of dining and table manners, use of cutlery, introduces to etiquette and features tips on how to deal with uncomfortable situations at a party, as well as many other interesting facts.

The author of the book Irma Kalniņa is a world–class expert in professional etiquette, communication and protocol. After studies and training abroad, she has returned to Latvia and leads training on good manners and business etiquette for more than 17 years.

«Understanding how to deal with particular situation, how to build relationships with others, how to solve problems and gain assurance about everyday skills, forms a child’s personality and influences his or her ethical and moral values, principles of good behaviour and communication not only in the family, but also in society,» Kalniņa emphasizes.

The book «Pie galda» was published by the society «Droši un koši», which develops educational books for children that explain difficult things in an understandable way. The society has released books on Latvian artists, promotes Latvian folklore and introduces to current issues in various fields.

The book «Pie galda» (in Latvian and Russian) is available on the homepage of «Droši un koši».