This week, the culture and lifestyle magazine «Veto» has released the issue Nº42, the form and content of which have undergone various changes. It has become bilingual and even more visual. The designer of the magazine is Krišjānis Šteins, graphic designer who works at the creative agency «Weekend». Krišjānis has gathered experience in art direction and graphic design working with various brands known in Latvia and abroad. He also collaborates with local alternative music, lifestyle and fashion projects.

Naked Truths Editorial April 28, 2018

«Initially the brief can seem as fragmented as the memories after a high school disco. Work on yourself every day, be observant and learn to accept that your team isn’t just a background music for your personal ambitions. Take a deep breath and perceive the content as a long film with beginning and end — then you will be able to see beautiful connections even in the most different forms of the content.»