Naked Truth Nº195 — Rihards Vidzickis

The third MAD International Summer School of Design under the theme «Biomimicry» will take place in Sigulda from August 16 to 26, aiming to understand design and craftsmanship to the bone. The leading masters of MAD 2018 will be woodworking specialists Jānis Straupe and Rihards Vidzickis. Having studied the nuances of woodcraft for a lengthy period of time, Rihards then went on to study for a doctoral degree in Engineering from the Riga Technical university. At the same time, Rihards set up the Vienkoči Park in Ligatne, with the Woodcraft Museum as its central object.

Naked Truths Editorial August 11, 2018

«The cornerstone of craftsmanship is skills. When you outgrow your teacher (and every good craftsman should outgrow his own teacher at some point), the next level is to start learning from your own mistakes.»