Naked Truth Nº201 — Līga Kitchen

A month ago, a new magazine «Pikolo» for pre–schoolers was released in Riga. Through illustrations, texts, and various creative tasks, the first issue introduces its readers to the diversity of professions. The initiator and creative director of the magazine is Līga Kitchen. Līga is an established Latvian illustrator who has created works for leading Latvian and foreign publishers, newspapers, magazines, clothing companies and bands.

Naked Truths Editorial September 28, 2018

«A pencil in the hands of a child becomes a game, a line and colour being its elements. It is vital to retain this primaeval sensation of discovery without being afraid of failure, critics and whether someone will pay for it. The ability to confidently and fearlessly play and experiment in the work process is one of the prerequisites for individual and professional growth.»