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Students who are interested in a start–up environment and are eager to educate and challenge themselves, are welcome to join the student workshops and look into the start–up world from founders perspective. The workshops will have three parts — future of tech, start–up ecosystem and how start–ups are built. By attending all three, 70 students will receive a Free Pass to the «TechChill» conference on February 21 and 22. The applications to the seminars are open until September 30.

Stories Editorial September 19, 2018

«TechChill» teamed up with «Printful» to provide students with insights into the business and start–up environment. During the workshops, experienced start–up environment representatives, start–up founders and industry experts will share their knowledge, encouraging students to become a part of the start–up industry and the tech world.

Workshops, taking place on October 10, October 24 and November 7, have three parts — future of the tech, start–up ecosystem and how start–ups are built. Students will be provided with hands–on group work, as well as mentored by the start–up founders and representatives of the start–up ecosystem. The CEO at «TechChill», Kristīne Korņilova will talk about the technology, its impact and share a brief history, the Co–Founder at «Dripit», Ernests Štāls will reveal the definition of what start–up is, as well as give an insight in the start–up environment. The CEO and Co–Founder at «Toneboard», Mārtiņs Vaivars and the CEO and Co–Founder at «CastPrint», Sigvards Krongorns will talk about their work as a start–up builders, their ideas and share the development strategies. Opportunities of the Baltic start–up environment will be explained by Katrīna Peipiņa, Community Manager at «TechChill». During the workshops, start–up founders will share practical information on how to find start–ups that are hiring, as well as how actually the working in start–up differs from working in a traditional company. All current, full or part–time students from any university and any country, are welcome to apply here until September 30.

70 students who will attend all three lectures, will receive the Student Pass to the «TechChill» conference free of charge. The pass gives a full access to two eventful days among 2000 developers, entrepreneurs, start–ups, tech enthusiasts and other inspiring people from all over the world meeting in Riga on February 21 and 22, 2019.

More information on the conference can be found on its webpage. Students who can’t join the workshops are invited to participate in the start–up conference by purchasing the Student Pass for a special price.