Photo by Alexey Koshkin

This evening, on June 4, Inga Meldere’s work «Brownie from Bruņinieku Street», along with other neighbourhood–engaging activities, will introduce the microRIBOCA, the inter–season programme of Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA). MicroRIBOCA has been developed to foster a feeling of belonging to a particular place among Rigans and to free their creative potential that is present in everyday life in the public space of the city. The Dailes Theatre square redesign by «MADE arhitekti» will also be presented during the event.

Stories Editorial June 4, 2019

«Brownie from Bruņinieku Street» is a monumental painting on the façade of an early 19th–century building (Bruņinieku iela 14, Riga), dedicated by the recognized painter Inga Meldere to the history and restoration of Riga’s wooden architecture as well as a dialogue with people involved in street art and graffiti.

The author explains that brownie is a term coined by Rigans for uninhabited wooden houses in historical neighbourhoods where only the façades are kept up. In order to comply with the real estate management standards, such buildings have to be regularly repainted, which is the simplest way for the owner to avoid penalties for an inscription or a drawing left on the walls by some passer–by. A brown floor paint, as the cheapest option, makes these abandoned buildings even more strikingly sad. Both in the city centre and the historic neighbourhoods, the brownies bring to the forefront the issue of the unused potential of the memories encapsulated by urban cultural space.

Until late autumn, the microRIBOCA, curated by Kaspars Vanags, will offer interdisciplinary public art projects, urban exploration walks, and educational master classes, providing Rigans with instruments of social involvement useful for urban revitalization.

On June 4 at 18.00 the launch of microRIBOCA will take place at Bruņinieku iela 14, Riga, offering many activities, including musical performances, table games, creative workshops for children etc. The proposal for the Dailes Theatre square redesign by «MADE arhitekti» will also be on view. The monumental painting by Inga Meldere will remain on the façade all summer. The information on microRIBOCA’s programme will be updated on its Facebook page.