Image by SEGD Riga Chapter

On March 23 at 16.00, the first event this year organised by the international design community SEGD Riga Chapter, discussion Design & Education, will take place. Three international industry experts — both representatives of the academic environment and practising designers — will discuss current issues of design and education.

Stories Editorial March 20, 2023

For several decades designers have proposed that the world needs design to solve multiple problems. During the last five decades, design has changed, moving from merely an artistic activity to an activity that «makes everything possible».


While the design profession is developing short-term courses of design thinking and people are promised to become a designer in some weeks, various essential questions arise:

  • Is «performative design» devaluating design education?
  • What is the future of professional design education?
  • What is designing through material and technology today?
  • What is the role of research in design?
  • Is design education socially responsible and sustainable?


These and other topics related to design education will be discussed during the event. Moderator: Aija Freimane, Ph.D., Lecturer and Design Researcher at the Technological University Dublin School of Art and Design, SEGD Riga Chapter Co-Chair. Speakers: Satu Miettinen, Professor of Service Design, Dean Faculty of Art and Design, University of Lapland, and Board member of the Global Association of Art and Design Education and Research Cumulus; Andris Teikmanis, Ph.D., Professor of the Art Academy of Latvia and Chairman of the Higher Education Council of Latvia; Robert Tully, Senior Lecturer in Design with research interests in the area of creative pedagogies and sustainable education at the Technological University Dublin School of Art and Design.


The discussion Design & Education will take place on March 23 at 16.00 on the Zoom platform. Link to the event — here. The discussion will be held in English. It is organised by SEGD Riga Chapter and design office H2E.