«Infogram’s» publicity photo

«Prezi», the visual presentation platform that helps people connect more powerfully with their audiences and customers, today announced it has acquired «Infogr.am», a leading, web–based data visualization company. «Infogr.am» specializes in charts and infographics for customers who need to quickly and effectively convey complex ideas.

Stories Editorial May 16, 2017

Founded in 2012 and based in Latvia, «Infogr.am» has exploded in popularity and emerged as an innovator in the area of data visualization and has over 3 million users, who have created over 5 million charts and infographics that have been viewed over 1.5 billion times. «Infogr.am» conveniently offers multiple data import options. Users can create a variety of charts, maps, and infographics by simply uploading a file, connecting to various cloud services, or taking advantage of «Infogr.am’s» API.

«Infogr.am» has been adopted by a wide variety of customers, including media companies, key businesses, and educational institutions. «Infogr.am» is also the most successful start–up that has originated from Latvia — just as «Prezi» is the most successful start–up that incubated in Hungary and bridged that success to create a global company with offices in San Francisco, Budapest and Mexico City.

««Prezi» was inspired to unite with «Infogr.am» because of our shared mission to help people make better decisions by providing more effective tools for visual communication,» said Peter Arvai, «Prezi’s» CEO and co–founder. «If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the data that backs it up makes it credible. And without a story, data falls flat in effectiveness.»

This is «Prezi’s» first acquisition and financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. «Infogr.am» will become a wholly owned subsidiary of «Prezi» and will remain in Latvia. «Prezi» will continue to invest in research and development of «Infogr.am» and will create a Data Visualization Centre of Excellence in Latvia.

«Joining forces with «Prezi» means our mission to bring beautiful and informative infographics and other data visualization technologies to more users will happen even faster,» said Mikko Järvenpää, «Infogram’s» CEO.