Photo by Aiga Rēdmane

During the recent Riga Fashion Week, the children’s fashion brand «Paade Mode» presented its latest Spring–Summer 2018 collection «Travel Notes». This collection also marks a turning point in the development of the brand, as it will launch the sale of «Paade Mode» at the prestigious department store chain «Galeries Lafayette» in Paris and Nice.

Stories Editorial November 1, 2017

For the Spring–Summer 2018 collection «Travel Notes» «Paade Mode» continues its journey around the world, documenting the most spectacular treasures of our planet. Seeking inspiration from the colours, contrasts and softness of the magic that is seen and felt in nature in spring and summer, mixing it with cultural and architectural legacy in form and silhouette.

The collection is dominated by warm colours in textile patterns and textures, at the same time complementing the clothes with white accents or backgrounds. Earth tones are combined with bright and metallic colours. The high–quality Liberty textiles, Portuguese cotton, French jacquard, fine linen, chiffon and Italian laces are combined with denim, woven in an unusual technique. The key elements of the «Travel Notes» are lace and maxi dresses, fine embroideries, the interplay of various shades of white, coats, expressive knitwear, metallic details, unique jewellery and other accessories. The collection is complemented with original crowns, created by artist Brigita Stroda.

The family business «Paade Mode» was founded in 2011. Currently, its products are available in more than 20 countries. The brand has recently signed a contract with the prestigious department store chain «Galeries Lafayette» in Paris and Nice.

«Being noticed is only half of the luck. The second, more complicated part, is to maintain consistent quality and to be able to impress with something new each season. It takes hard, persistent teamwork,» says Linda Raituma, founder and director of «Paade Mode», who is glad that their products will now be available alongside the world’s leading fashion house garments.

While in the end of October, the organiser of Riga Fashion Week, the Baltic Fashion Federation, in cooperation with the Embassy of Italy in Latvia, awarded Linda Raituma an opportunity to attend a three–week course at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan.