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From May 25 to August 31, the art gallery «Putti» will host a contemporary and conceptual jewellery exhibition «Dandelion Fluff’s Flight Through the Universe», featuring masterpieces by both Latvian and foreign jewellery artists. Works, made in various techniques and materials, will be on view.

Stories Editorial May 23, 2018

The art gallery «Putti» was founded in 2000 with an aim to represent local contemporary jewellery artists. However, with local and international recognition the range of artists has been expanded to include artworks from exceptional artists from other countries as well. Now the gallery has a unique collection of contemporary and conceptual jewellery. Each year it hosts four thematic or solo exhibitions in parallel to their permanent exhibition that mainly features works by Latvian jewellery and fashion designers.

This summer, from May 25 to August 31, «Putti» presents a contemporary and conceptual jewellery exhibition «Dandelion Fluff’s Flight Through the Universe», which features both Latvian and foreign authors. Latvia is represented by jewellery artists Andris Lauders, Guntis Lauders, Maija Vītola, Māris Auniņš, Māris Šustiņš, Paula Treimane, Valdis Brože.

«Jewellery — well known, little known, unique, kitschy, similar, handmade, mass–produced, digitally designed, somewhat sophisticated, amateur–made, beautiful, not so decorative or beautiful, expensive and cheap. Jewellery pieces will become exhibition’s active participants by involving the audience in the world of artists’ ideas, intentions, messages, questions, irony, attitudes that have obtained their shape and physical appearance in the form of jewellery,» curators describe the upcoming exhibition.


The exhibition «Dandelion Fluff’s Flight Through the Universe» is open at the art gallery «Putti», Peitavas iela 5, Riga. More information on the exhibition and the artists is available on the homepage of «Putti».