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The publishing house «Liels un mazs» has released a new book «Vaļa balss» for children, written by Lauris Gundars and illustrated by Anete Melece. In a playful and exciting manner, the author introduces young readers to elections. The opening event of the book will take place on October 6, the Latvian parliamentary election day, at the National Library of Latvia.

Stories Editorial September 27, 2018

In the pages of the new book «Vaļa balss» by the publishing house «Liels un mazs», readers once again will meet the characters of the previous book «Sveiks, Vali!» — the young girl Spindzele, her parents and her shy grandfather Valis. The girl thinks that her parents don’t take the elections seriously enough, so she goes for a tricky plan. The day before the big event, she locks the family in their flat and throws the only key out the window. To unlock the doors, the family must elect the person in charge of solving this complicated situation. For a moment, some unexpected events make the storyline quite tense and threatening.

The first book of the series, «Sveiks, Vali!», was released by «Liels un mazs» in 2017, and it has already been translated in German and Russian. While the author Lauris Gundars received the International Baltic Sea Region Jānis Baltvilks Prize in Children’s Literature and Book Art.

In the new book «Vaļa balss» Gundars continues to address and explain to children important and complex social issues while turning the serious themes in an exciting and dynamic adventure story.

The book was illustrated by Switzerland–based Latvian artist Anete Melece. Her colourful drawings stand out with wit and great attention to detail, often observed in the daily life and city of Riga. The book is designed by Artis Briedis.

The opening of the book will take place on the election day, October 6, at 11.00 at the National Library of Latvia. The event will feature meet–and–greet with Lauris Gundars, creative activities, while those who are eligible to vote will also be able to do that at the premises of the library.

The book «Vaļa balss» can be purchased at the publishing house «Liels un mazs», Tērbatas iela 49/51–12, Riga, as well as on its homepage and in bookstores in Riga.