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From December 6 until February 5, 2019, the art gallery «Putti» will host a contemporary jewellery exhibition «Snowing a little out the window», featuring works made in various techniques and materials by Latvian and foreign jewellery artists.

Stories Editorial December 5, 2018

The winter exhibition has become a tradition for the art gallery «Putti». This year’s contemporary jewellery exhibition «Snowing a little out the window» features a variety of works made by 28 jewellery artists from around the world.

«Silence, moment, emotions, bright elements, various gemstones, freedom of colours and modern shapes — the winter exhibition is dedicated to our loved ones to whom we can bring joy both in holidays and in our everyday life,» the curators describe the atmosphere of the upcoming exhibition.

«Putti» was founded 18 years ago with an aim to popularize the works of Latvian jewellery artists. However, after gaining local and international recognition, it expanded its activities and began to represent foreign jewellery artists as well. The artists work in various techniques and create unique pieces of contemporary and conceptual jewellery. Every year, the gallery hosts four thematic or solo exhibitions, including the great winter exhibition. They are on view in parallel with the permanent exhibition of works by Latvian jewellery and fashion artists. The works displayed in the gallery are also available for purchase.


The exhibition «Snowing a little out the window» will be open at the art gallery «Putti», Peitavas iela 5, Riga, from December 6 until February 5. More information on the exhibition and the artists is available on the homepage of «Putti».