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The exhibition «Baltic Design Now» is taking place within the Budapest Design Week from October 3 to October 14. It features seven design works created in Latvia, which have been praised at the national and international level over the past year.

Stories Editorial October 11, 2019

This year the Baltic States are the Guests of Honor at the Budapest Design Week, as a sign of Hungary’s general awareness and interest in the Baltic States. Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are represented at the joint exhibition «Baltic Design Now» at the Atellier Pro Arts Gallery in Budapest, where each country forms its part of the display. Latvia’s participation in the event is curated by Dita Danosa, director of the Latvian Design Centre, and supported by the Ministry of Culture of Latvia.

Latvian part of the exposition displays seven nationally and internationally recognized designs. The central spot is dedicated to the presentation of the installation «Matter to Matter» by Arthur Analt, created for the London Design Biennale. The scenography of exhibition was created by the Latvian Design Centre in collaboration with Arthur Analt as an extension of the mood of the Matter to Matter exhibition space, seeking to create a unique Latvian ambience formed by our climate and forests.

Photographs and descriptions of the Latvian design achievements are displayed on Latvian veneer with paintings by Tron Karton. On October 5, an event «Baltic Design Today: designers’ experience stories» was also organized in the framework of the exhibition. The exhibition highlights seven design works:

  • installation «Matter to Matter» for Latvia’s pavilion in the London Design Biennale by Arthur Analts — Best Design Medal of the London Design Biennale;
  • Aluksne Banitis Station exhibition by design studio «H2E» — SEGD Award 2019 Best of Show winner;
  • campaign «#iamintrovert» by Latvian Literature platform — the winner of the National Design Award of Latvia 2019;
  • mobile app Derec by Cube Systems — 2nd place at the National Design Award of Latvia 2019;
  • design objects Taktil for kids with autism by Paula Lorene (graduation project, Riga Design and Arts School) — National Design Award of Latvia 2019 finalist;
  • digital game by Wrong Digital — National Design Award of Latvia 2019 finalist;
  • Honey Coin by Arthur Analts — Latvia’s Coin of the Year 2018.