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«Putti» art gallery is proud to present an exhibition «Between Two Spaces» of the Israeli contemporary jewellery and accessory brand «Noritamy», open from November 17.

Stories Editorial November 7, 2017

The Israeli contemporary jewellery and accessory brand «Noritamy» was founded in 2007 by creative mother and daughter duo after who the brand was also named. Nori is a former trained interior architect and Tami — jewellery designer. The jewellery and accessories are made of precious metals and stones like gold, diamond and silver, as well more simple materials like brass, stainless steel, wood, polymer and leather.

«Noritamy» is a label of handcrafted jewellery and accessories inspired by art, architecture and sculpture, thus creating the individual style of the brand.  Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings attract with an interpretation of current fashion trends. At the same time, these works have a classic and delicate Eastern charm, which allows to equate them to wearable art.

The exhibition «Between Two Spaces» is organised, marking the 25th year anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Latvia and Israel.


The «Noritamy» jewellery exhibition will be on view at the art gallery «Putti», Peitavas iela 5, Riga, from November 17 to 27. More information on the exhibition and the artists is available on the homepage of «Putti».