Photo by Liene Pētersone

Babbit is a unique concept sound system that allows the child to choose and play music on their own. Intuitive and interactive, this Wi-Fi speaker will be suitable for both the youngest music lovers and adults who will appreciate Babbit’s high sound quality.

Stories Paula Gāgane July 16, 2021

The Babbit Wi-Fi speaker will encourage the whole family to experience music and the joy of being together, and it is powerful enough to serve as a music playback system not only in the children’s room, but also in the living room. The control of the speaker is simple, and the child will be able to use it completely independently. The device has only three buttons that can be used to rewind songs and control the music volume.


However, the buttons on the speaker control are secondary. The uniqueness of Babbit lies in the interactive way in which playing music turns into an adventure. By placing their own toys or special cards on the device, the child streams music from the Spotify platform, MP3s or online radio. With the Babbit app, parents can assign their own content to each card and toy: children’s favorite songs, fairy tales, podcasts, or educational audio. This type of playback control is based on NFC technology, which recognises the card or sticker attached to the toy.


The creators of the speaker Aleksandrs and Liene Roga want to encourage families to teach children the value of beautiful and well-made things from an early age. Babbit is designed so that it can be used even after the child has grown up. The wooden body of the speaker is sturdy enough to ensure longevity, and all safety aspects have also been carefully considered.

Roga family reveals that the player was inspired by their own experience. It all started with a gramophone that Aleksandrs gave to Liene. Unfortunatelly, the joy of listening to the records was not long — the children’s passion for music turned out to be stronger than vinyl. «Then we realised that they were very interested in music. We bought CD equipment and discs. It didn’t take long for all the discs to be scratched,» says Aleksandrs.


To help children get to know the world of music, the company has been collaborating with a team of music industry professionals who have helped to create a set of Babbit Rainbow music cards. The playlist covers a wide range of music — from Bach to Ed Sheeran, from the sounds of Australian didgeridoo to Japanese folk songs. The music is grouped according to different styles and moods. «Children have the opportunity not only to listen to music, but also to develop their memory and form associations between music, between colours, themes and spaces,» say the creators of Babbit.


It is planned that the speakers will be made in small batches every two to three months. The first one was sold out in just two weeks. To apply for the purchase of Babbit, contact the company by writing to More information about the speaker and its purchase options — on the «Babbit» website.