Animation by Katrīna Sadovņikova

Kristiāna Erta has founded the architecture office Studio Sija together with Artūrs Tols and works in the fields of architecture, design, and art. Their exhibition design for the art show Field of Vision in the art centre Zuzeum can be viewed only until December 3. In the section Nice Touch Kristiāna tells us about her inspiring everyday companions.

Nice Touch Editorial November 24, 2023

«My everyday life is greatly improved by external sources of inspiration — music, books, magazines, and podcasts. The most persistent daily companions of recent years are the magazine Apartamento, which is published every six months, and the podcast How Long Gone. Both have a relaxed manner of talking about issues, both heavy and light. The added value of these sources is the chance to learn about new artists, designers, writers, and, above all, ideas. Even better if consuming this content gets me to laugh!»

Kristiāna Erta is an architect, and before founding her own studio, she worked at the architectural office Sampling, where she was a co-author of the award-winning brewery Manufaktūra. In Studio Sija, together with Artūrs Tols, Kristiāna creates spatial experiences that make you feel present by combining the everyday and the extraordinary. Both have worked a lot with the most undervalued aspects of Latvia’s Soviet heritage — the research project Archaeology of Progress dedicated to the building elements of the Soviet period can still be found on the project’s Instagram account, the installation Urbānais spēļu dārzs (Urban Play Garden) realised during the project Mikrorajonu vasara (Micro-district Summer) will delight the residents of Purvciems for another two years, and the pop-up gallery MAD telpa has just hosted their installation Sala (Island) dedicated to a utopian vision of micro-districts.